by Proxy + KollaboratorieT:
the YOU! signal

«The YOU! Signal» is an interactive science-faction walkabout, a performative installation where the audience are invited to send a personal message into space through radio waves. 

In 1977 we received a signal from another star system, later known as the “WOW! signal”. The signal was different from any signal received before or after, and until this day it remains a mystery. Who sent it? What does it mean? Is this proof we are not alone?

«The YOU! Signal» is a space center where we provide visitors with the possibility to send their own messages to space.  Sending a personal message to the universe can have numourous purposes. It can be a “hello” to unknown extraterrastrial friends, or it can be a unique way to immortalize ones thoughts, ideas, secrets, hopes and wishes. Photoalbums fade and hardiscs crashes, but radio waves travels at the speed of light, and will travel through the vacuum of space until the end of time. Through the project, we wish to offer the audience a space in which they can reflect on the ethics of producing traces, expressing oneself in public space, and the meeting between the infinite universe and finite self. Through a simple, yet poetic, action «the YOU! signal» functions a catalyzator for bigger existential questions.

The project is initiated and led by Heiki Riipinen and Anders Firing Aardal and is a collaboration between by Proxy and the design, art and architecture studio Kollaboratoriet. It is co-produced with Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival and Kunsthall Grenland, and is funded by Art Council Norway, FFUK (Fond For Utøvende Kunstnere), Fond For Frilansere (Norwegian Acting Guild) an Telemark Fylkeskommune.


Concept development and performers: Anders Firing Aardal og Heiki Riipinen (by Proxy)

Scenography: Anna Andrea Vik Aniksdal (Kollaboratoriet)
Graphic design: Rikke Runde (Kollaboratoriet)
Sound design: Matias Askvik (by Proxy)
Construction assistance: Sindre Wam (Kollaboratoriet)

Producer: Ida Marie Sandvik