stop being poor

"It is almost unbelievable, the fact that this performance with it's enormous movements and precise rhythm, is this theater group's first production." 
Süddeutche Zeitung

Service capitalism lives off of competition. Constantly obtainable, always eager, always faster – that’s how neoliberal perfectionism functions, thanks to constant self-optimisation. Certainly, in this employment environment, individuals put themselves under pressure and strive for success without even a boss and overseer driving them. The hamster wheel thus continues to turn.

“Stop Being Poor” addresses collective anxiety. The piece examines the efforts we go through to drown our demons and conquer our state of anxiety – our attempts to constantly be in front and on top, in the omnipresent capitalism. “Stop Being Poor” is a performance that frames a series of game structures, a series of workdays, with winners and losers, bosses and their employees. The performance is a “noisy meditation” on capitalism, and plays with the artistic idiom of political theatre as a genre. The performance starts (and ends) with the audience partaking in building the scenography. Through this invitation we are trying to create a bond between the audience, the space and the objects – and in that way equate these elements with the performers.

“Stop Being Poor” is by Proxy's first performance. The piece won the jury-prize at the 2015 Körber Studio Junge Regie at Thalia Theatre, Hamburg - a production grant of 10 000€. The piece has later  been shown at numerous venues, including Münchner Kammerspiele, Theater Oberhausen, Godsbanen, as well as several festivals, including Nordic Arts Performing Days (Faroe Islands) and Det Frie Felts Festival (Copenhagen).

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Already when entering the theater space, the audience realized that this would be a theater night like no other.
- Der WEsten

By and with:

Anders Firing Aardal
Matias Askvik
Marthe Sofie Løkeland Eide
David Jensen
Ylva Owren
Heike Eero Riipinen

Artistic consultants/outside eyes:
Lisa Lie
Siri Langdalen

Producer and tour manager:
Aurora Kvamsdal

Duration: 70-80 minutes

"Where dreams come true" by Eddie Dunstedter
"Earth Song" by Michael Jackson/London Symphony Orchestra
live sound improvisations by Matias Askvik

"Love and Money" by Dennis Kelly
"The Secret" by Rohnda Byrne
"Dianetics" by L. Ron Hubbard
as well as newspaper headlines, motivational speeches, clickbaits, stuff we heard - but cannot remember, personal confessions, intelligent and less intelligent creative writing, recorded improvisations