Welcome to «US». We invite you into the ephemeral community that we experience in the theatre. Here we, both the performers and the audience, will examine the social identity of the space. Things might get uncomfortable, embarrasing, provoking and fun as we discover and challenge our (often unconcious) prejudices of other social groups. How do judge and communicate different with different people, based on their gender identity, sexuality and race?

On stage, we will meet the WHITE MAN with a genuine and persistent need to say sorry for all the shitty things he have done. The WOMAN on the other hand, wants to talk about equality, and she wants to talk about it right now! And the HOMOSEXUALS who just wants to be - peacefully - maybe with some glitter and and a show.

Throughout the show we offer the audience the possibility to share their opinions, challenge them, as well as feel a connection or disconnection to the other people in the space. Each audience has power switch connected to a lamp hanging in the roof of the space. These lamps can be tunred on or off as an anonynomous expression of ones opinion on confronting statements made during the show. The individual remains anonymous, while the opinions of the audience as a mass becomes visible. How many in the space believes in God? How many supports euthanasia? Is our policies on intergration to strict? Are we telling the truth?

The performance is suited for all audiences, but is especially relevant for High School students or young adults. The performance can be performed in Norwegian, Danish and English.

 «US» is produced at Teater Momentum, Odense.
The tour friendly version of «US» is co-produced by DKS Oppland and supported by Fond for Lyd og Bilde / Norwegian Arts Council.