by proxy + marie nikazm bakken:
fragrance of others (lugten af andre)

“Fragrance of Others” is a cabaret, a christmas cabaret, a christmas cabaret about loneliness in christmas. With the use of humor we try to exchange tears for laughter in an attempt to make it all bearable - to make space for the possibility of us all dearing to acknowledge loneliness as phenomenon.

In by Proxys first collaboration with a director, Marie Nikazm Bakken, the group turn up the volume as performers in a cabaret-format. We promise christmas-hits, lonely wishes of togetherness and a celebration of the eremit-lifestyle. We dream of burning candles on the tree, but will settle with electric lights and a tree of plastic.

The performance is tailored for a danish audience, but a swedish and norwegian version is in the making.

Directed by: Marie Nikazm Bakken
Costumes by: Katrine Hoffmann

«Fragrance of Others» is produced at Teater Momentum, Odense. With support from the Norwegian Arts Council.