events and stunts

The works of by Proxy is a continuous research on space and being together, and as a integral part of our artistic practice we organize events, host and throw parties, and do stunts in public space.

For festivals and theatres we have our party-concepts Breakfast Beat and Bingo Bar. Breakfast Beat is a morning club for conscious clubbers and anyone who like to dance before starting their workday. Expect hardcore clubbers, grandmothers and babies on the dancefloor, premium DJs behind the booth and Club Kids in extravagant costumes. Bingo Bar is our combination of our favourite activities: games and drinking! With themes like Britney Spears or Gran Canaria we take the audiences through a night of bingo and beers, limbo and long drinks.

As a collective we are interested in meeting points, so we also engage in seminar-like formats. One example is our Artist Meeting that we did together with the acclaimed collective Gob Squad. Over the course of a day we exchanged practices, tips and tricks with each other and for a audience of professional performance makers. It is also important for us to engage with fields outside the arts, this can be experienced in our upcoming seminar ARTS and BUSINESS - Worlds colliding or match made in heaven?

Sometimes we also take our work out of the theatres and black boxes, both in big formats as in STEDSANS Odense and Volksoper, but also in smaller formats as our street performance Hjertets Kanariefugl made for the HC Andersen festival. This is were we as a collective dive deep into the notion of stunt and try out a punk approach to performance making.