escape the universe

The Universe is something we all share. It’s size, beauty and unfathomable complexity fascinates, but also overhwelmes the individual as it looks out into space.

In the meantime, everyday life demands our focus. There are skills to accumulate, relations to care for and mundane tasks to complete which might impeed our ability to lift the gaze, think new thoughts and dream of unknown ways of life.

The performance tries to suspend the laws of gravity and invite to a celebration of the universe. Escape the Universe is an artistic thought experiment, driven by the urge to create a poetic escape room, a space in which science, fantasy and fiction merge and collide. The reason for this gran voyage comes from a genuine wish to deal with the potentiality that lies in the universe – this seemingly infinite and ambiguous organism. By establishing an alternate space and a celebration of cosmic dimensions, the artists together with the audience can share their visions for the future, and perhaps parallel uncover which values mean the most, here and now, in life on earth.
- Melanie Fieldseth, Dramaturg, Black Box Theatre


"Escape the Universe" is a co-production between Godsbanen, Theater Oberhausen, BIT Teatergarasjen, Teaterøen and Grenland Friteater.
The project is funded by Arts Council Norway, FFUK, Aarhus Kommune and Körber Stiftung.